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Our Products
121 Market Aware
121 MarketAware to gain competitor price awareness for targeted prospecting.
121 coreACT to build a 360° actuarial intelligence delivery system serving all your internal customers.
121 PROselect is a data driven recommendation engine helping you maximize returns on your prospecting efforts.
121 ACQuire continuously pushes the boundary for what type of applications can be automatically underwritten.
121 Reclaim
121 reCLAIM gives your claims team the ability to track the life cycle of a new claim from intake to assignment, strategy and settlement.
121 OPTum
121 OPTum is a broad based service to provide customized technology solutions to your business operations challenges.

Our Mission
We build analytics launch-pads and mobilize data assets to predict outcomes and prescribe actions.
About Us
121 Mapping about
121 Mapping is an actuarial and analytics consultancy incorporated in June 2016. The insurance industry sits on vast mines of untapped data, growing at an increasing pace each year. The industry is investing more than ever in systems and processes to procure and store this data. Yet, when it is time to use this data, most business leaders feel frustrated with the limited impact it has in strategic decision making. 121 Mapping wants to be the "voice of data" in our client's decision making process.

A one-to-one function maps every element of its domain to a unique element of its range. In our context, we uniquely map products and services from our domain to our clients' needs. Tailoring innovation for the unique business challenge of our clients is the heart of our vision.

Our Vision - "Build analytics launch-pads and mobilize data assets to predict outcomes and prescribe actions. "

Equipped with a wide bandwidth of modern cutting-edge data science disciplines, results-oriented data blending capabilities, predictive and prescriptive modelling suites; we are committed to being your partner of choice for innovation. As the schema on the left shows, no one out there is better positioned than us in helping you get there faster.

If you have a challenge where you think data and analytics can collaborate with the business, talk to us. We would love to take your challenge and make it ours.
Meet our Founders
Som K Chatterjee
President & CEO
Som has 12 years of experience as an analytics champion at a leading US insurer. As a credentialed actuary, Som is experienced in pricing, reserving & predictive modelling. Som was responsible for shaping the analytics vision for his last employer and finally took the plunge to launch his own company. Som is an actuary who has branched out in the technology space. He has a Bachelor's in Statistics from the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata.
Nabanita Chatterjee
Nabanita has 13 years of US medical professional liability and other insurance experience. Nabanita has widespread experience in traditional actuarial pricing of a variety of portfolios, regulatory reporting and application building. She has a Masters in Quantitative Economics from the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata.

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  340 S Lemon Avenue #1346,
Walnut, CA 91789
  (260)399 6223
  A-702, Symphony IT Park, Chandivali, Mumbai - 400072
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